Friday, July 15, 2016

Why Do What We Do

Trials can either break you or make you stronger....
I admire Jenn for turning a "Mess into a Message" by advocating more safety in the dental office.
I, too, feel the same urgency to promote awareness for the safety of dental patients. Unfortunately, she had to learn this truth from experiencing a tragic accident; as a dental hygienist, I have learned this truth everyday working with my patients, and I am trying to prevent such an accident!
Jenns Vision
Sharing the Importance of Eye Protection at The Dentist


  1. Material Data and Description (also listed on the Product Development Tab)

    The CCCES protective eyewear gasket seal is molded from flexible PVC material. Flexible PVC is commonly used in the Medical Device industry for its excellent durability, chemical resistance, weather-ability, and low maintenance. PVC is easily sterilized and holds up to repeated use with excellent resistance to scratching, tearing, cleaning fluids and permanent deformation and discoloration under normal use. The biocompatibility of PVC is characterized as high.

    High Performance Ultra Durable Nylon 6,6 is used in the construction of CCCES frames, making CCCES frames unbreakable in even the most rigorous of end-use conditions. The Nylon 6,6 used in our eyewear is the same frame material commonly used in military eyewear applications where durability, chemical resistance and the ability to withstand extreme conditions are required. These performance attributes give CCCES frames an extended lifespan by ensuring there is no drop-off in head retention, comfort or protection after repeated use.

    The CCCES lens's substrate material is molded from high molecular weight optical polycarbonate. This material is also commonly used for military ballistic lenses designed to provide protection against high-speed projectiles. High Molecular Weight polycarbonate has long polymer chains that prevent the material from brittle fractures upon impact. The Resin used in CCCES lenses provides excellent optical performance, 100% UV protection and military grade impact protection.


    The best hard coatings available in the optical industry protect CCCES lenses. These coatings are also military grade and hold up to extreme levels of wear in the harshest environments. They have excellent scratch and chemical resistance, and are easily cleaned and sterilized, even after repeated use.

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