Utah Dental Association
Salt Lake City, UT
April 21-22, 2016
The Use of Patient Safety Glasses
in the Dental Office

This survey was taken from 297 dental professionals attending the UDA Convention. Four simple questions were asked:

1. Does your office require the use of patient safety glasses?
2. What is your main complaint about the glasses you are presently using?
3. Would you prefer disposable or reusable?
4. Approximate cost of safety glasses being used (or amount willing to spend)?

Through personal conversations with the participants, there seems to be a growing concern that patient safety glasses are not a priority.

Among those who said, "Yes, they are using safety glasses in their office", some did not give their patients a choice about putting on safety glasses. However, many of them said they offered glasses to their patients, but did not require them to wear them.

Most of those currently using patient safety glasses could get by with their present glasses. Nevertheless, everyone had similar experiences; using cotton rolls to raise them away from their patient's eyelashes, not having a proper fit to close the gaps, complaints of scratches and not being able to clean them without the lens collecting a foggy residue, or the patients simply refused to wear them.

In conclusion, there is definitely a need to improve on the type of patient safety glasses presently being used in the dental offices.  If a more effective, comfortable, and stylish pair of glasses were available, undoubtedly, more clinicians and patients would be willing to use them. Thus, improving the safety of the patients and avoiding unnecessary accidents to their eyes.     

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